you're Ready to become a pinterest boss babe,

manage your own business,

live a location independent lifestyle,

and have an abundance of financial resources?

Pinterest Boss Training

Hello Lovely Lady! 

I'm Megan, a former teacher turned location independent Pinterest Enthusiast. I'm totally obsessed with Pinterest and my business and am so excited to share it all with other women wanting to create their own Pinterest biz. 

My degree and love for education is really what inspired me to create this training. Together with a keen need to share this amazing, easy lifestyle with more women yearning for an abundance of time and financial freedom, with so little work! 

I sat for so long wondering how others did it, how they could travel and live their life freely while still earning a significant income and came up short with my research, until I learned that businesses were actively searching for people like me to pay to be on Pinterest all day (and not even all day!).