How to Get More Than 30 Characters in your Pinterest Profile Name


Do you find yourself looking at long, keyword rich Pinterest profile names with longing?

Are you unable to figure out why yours is limited to a meager 30 characters? 

I feel ya, sista.

I was so bummed when I created a new Pinterest Account for my business and realized I wouldn't be able to add more than an embarrassing "Haskin Creatives | Pinterest" with the new 30 character limit - not very appealing, is it? 

It was really doing my head in. Sure, many of the accounts are long standing and have kept their long profile names from before the limit was added but surely there were others like me who needed to find a way around it. 

The good news: I found a way to get up to 65 characters! 🎉 And the funny thing is, it's super simple! Here's your 3 step process to a long, keyword rich profile name: 

Download the Pinterest app on your phone. Log in to your account and edit your profile name.

It's really that simple! 

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