How To Instagram Story As An Introvert

Tips for Introverts Who Can't Bring Themselves to IG Story

Is one of your New Year goals to start taking your Instagram game to the next level, but the thought of “just hopping on an IG story” makes you want to puke?

Hi, I’m Megan and I’m an introvert just like you👋 I’m not sure if you can tell from my IG stories anymore but man was this one of the biggest challenges for me and my biz! But alas, I survived and have reaped the rewards after a few weeks of getting over it. Here’s my tips to help you get over this hurdle, too:

Record + Post Later

Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Film what you what, take some time to sit with yourself and record what you need to, how ever many takes you need to, and save it for later. Take some more lifestyle videos throughout the day.

Then, at the END of your day put a story together. Add your GIFS, text and polls. You’re seriously under enough stress with having to talk at all, don’t make it harder on yourself.

What do I even talk about?

Think about little tips or tutorials you can give your audience, tell them about your process, share an actual story or something that happened in your day, tell them about you and how much you’re cringing having to film the story right now! Be honest and you’ll attract your tribe.

Technical tips

Keep it basic. Use a filter if you feel uncomfortable or you’re pale because you stayed up binge watching Netflix (this happens to me ALL OF THE TIME). Stand near a window for natural light. Think about what you’d say to your friend about a certain topic or if a family member asked you about what you do.

Honestly, just be you. Even if its uncomfortable and awkward - I’d totally relate to that and if there’s you and me that are feeling this, there are others that understand, too. I can’t tell you how many times my clients have told me they wanted to work with me because I’m ME. Do you, boo👊

Practice makes Perfect

When I first started, I think it must have taken me a solid hour just to film what I wanted to say in a quick 45 second story. I felt completely out of my comfort zone and was so stressed about what others were going to think!

About 12 people watched my story that day and more than half of them were direct family and friends🙈

This is totally normal and I PROMISE it gets better. But it only gets better if you start doing it. I look back at the progress I’ve made in just a few weeks and can’t believe how much quicker I can just speak my truth and how much more confident I am. Who even am I?! 🙀

You could even take a few videos that you don’t record, and just get used to the whole idea. But the real progress will come once you start putting yourself out there!

Just get started! I’ve been getting more inquiries, building a solid audience and positioning myself as an expert in my field because of stories. I’ve even booked two new clients!🎉 I’d love to see your IG stories - give me a tag using @haskincreatives and I’ll send you some love!

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