How to Quickly Enable Rich Pins

Looking to enable Rich Pins for your website to optimize your Pinterest account? 

You've come to the right place! Enabling this feature allows your pins to stand out with bold text and takes extra metadata from your website that otherwise might not have been seen by your viewers. 

Watch the quick video tutorial to get you started, or read the blog post below👇

You'll need to first log into your Pinterest account, and in a separate window enter this address: 

Open your website page in a new window as if you were viewing it as an outsider. Choose a page on your website that has some sort of metadata - a blog post is a good example, or a page that has a description and thumbnail in the backend of your site. Copy the URL and paste it into the pin validator. You only need to validate one URL. 

You'll then enable your Rich Pins by applying the HTML tag option, and should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours - I received mine within 15 minutes!

It's that simple 👏 

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