The Best Tailwind Tribes for Wedding Vendors on Pinterest

5 of the Best Wedding Tailwind Tribes for marketing your wedding business on Pinterest

Are you a wedding photographer, wedding planner or vendor utilising Pinterest for your business?

I’ve been managing some wedding photographers on Pinterest for some time now and have finally nailed down the perfect 5 Tailwind Tribes for the Wedding niche! 🙌

Not sure why you should be using Tailwind Tribes?

Tribes are my favourite way to grow a Pinterest account for my clients . They are groups of pinners in the same niche as you with (hopefully) followers who are interested in your content, meaning you could essentially reach a far larger audience simply by posting your content in a Tribe. Awesome, right?

What I look for when joining a new Tribe

Quality Tribes that actually work for you can be hard to come by. Whenever I join a Tribe there are a few factors I look at to predict if they’ll be a good fit for me or my client.

I take a look at the number of Tribemates because if there are only 4 people in a Tribe it could be a little tricky to get the reshares you need. I also peek at the activity level and try to get into ones that have the full bars or at least 4/5 bars as this gives a good indication if tribe mates are repinning and adding content to the Tribe - you want an active Tribe to get lots of reshares and to find new content for your own profile.

Sometimes, however, you may just find yourself in a niche that has a limited number of high performing Tribes and will have to experiment with what you have. I like to take two weeks to test out a Tribe before leaving it, giving it a good chance and trying out different images to see what works. Perhaps one Tribe’s members really love pinning couples whereas another might only want table decor and venue shots - check out what is getting lots of reshares in the Tribe and use this as a base. 

Lucky for you, these 5 wedding Tribes are tried and tested

You’re able to join Tailwind for a FREE trial and even if you don’t decide to continue with the paid version (which you totally should!) you’ll still get access to your Tribes! 👏 Amazing! Here’s the 5 Wedding Tribes:

Creative Wedding + Party Planning

Wedding Tribe

Fine Art Weddings

Organic and Fine Art Weddings*

Gorgeous Wedding Ideas: Planners, Photographers, Bloggers*

*Unfortunately, the last two need to be requested to join so I can’t send you a link but you can search for them on Tailwind 😘

Know of any Wedding Tribes that are totally killing it on Tailwind? Share them in the comments below 👇

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