How Pinterest Has Exploded My Service Based Business

Learn how to effectively use Pinterest for your service based business

Got a service based business and want more clients?

Pinterest is the platform to be on in 2019. I still don’t get why more businesses aren’t using it and are still trying to make Instagram work for them🤭 Learn why you should be using the Pinterest platform for your service based business, like yesterday …


I began my Pinterest Marketing business only a few months ago and although I had previous experience with using the platform for my travel blog, I honestly just wanted to use Pinterest for Haskin Creatives to gain some experience with Pinterest for business. 

Since booking my first client in the first month of business, I’ve gone on to be working with 10 monthly clients and have just hired my first team member because I have more work than I can keep up with🎉

When I started out, Pinterest was the only platform I was using for my business and I was investing all of my time into building my website and blogging once a week about everything I was learning about, you guessed it, Pinterest! 

And get this, I STILL get more traffic from Pinterest (and book my clients through it ) by posting one of my images a week! That’s right, don’t listen to “experts” who tell you that 80% of the content you pin needs to be yours. Ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re trying to run a business🤦🏻‍♀️

I post and show up every single day on Instagram Stories and have booked one client through the IG platform since starting my business 🙀

Blogging has been such an effortless process for me - and for those of you who think “blogging is dead”, I definitely have the stats and clients to prove you wrong. 

One of the key factors about my Pinterest Marketing tactics for my service based business is that I blog and share FREE information about my services. I share everything I learn and hold nothing back. 

You might think this is crazy, why would I give away all of my secrets? 

The thing is, it gives me that expert status. Viewers can tell I know what I’m talking about. I solve their problems and prove myself in this field. And once they have the answers, they realize how much work it is!

Sure some readers might simply take the information and leave, but there are definitely going to be business owners out there who see that they simply don’t have the time to do what I suggest in my posts. 

Cue the call to action👏 

Pinterest traffic is cold traffic. These viewers don’t know or trust you. This is why simply directing them to a service page isn’t going to convert them to a paying client. 

Utilize your sidebar to introduce yourself, give extra resources and at the end of your post tell your viewer what they should do next. Maybe send them to another blog post, a freebie opt in or mention that you offer expert services in the field. 

These readers are actively searching for content in your field of service and are interested in these topics. That’s why Pinterest is such a great tool to convert them to a client🎉 

My viewers are actively seeking out information about Pinterest marketing (which I blog about) and when they come to my website they find tons of information as well as my Pinterest Marketing services. 

How Does Pinterest Connect Ideal Clients With Businesses? 

I mentioned that the viewers coming from Pinterest are going to be actively searching for your content. How? 

Pinterest utilizes keywords. When pinners search for topics on Pinterest it gets connected with the content related to it. This is why the keywords you use for your images is so important☝️ 

Make sure you are using keyword rich descriptions for your pins as well as all over your profile. I’ve got “Pinterest Expert” and “Pinterest Marketing” all over my profile so when someone searches for this information, I come up. 

Many of my clients say they’ve found me through using this feature on Pinterest! 

One Extra Bonus of Putting Your Content on Pinterest

Ever searched for something on Google and find Pinterest boards in the results? Placing your content on Pinterest also helps with SEO! These keywords and backlinks feed Google as well🙌

Are you currently using Pinterest for your service based business? You can find some helpful information on how to start using Pinterest correctly for your business HERE. 

Need Help With Your Pinterest Strategy?

When you work with me you get more than the usual Tailwind scheduling and pin design - you get strategy. I’m all about finding what works for YOU and this goes beyond Pinterest. I look at your funnel systems, conversions to sales and your actual content to actually get you a successful Pinterest presence.

Hello, I'm Megan! As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Educator, connecting ideal clients with online businesses and blogs is my JAM. Sometimes I even get to put my former teaching skills to use by teaching you a thing or two about Pinterest Marketing DIY. 

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