How To Add Keywords To Your Pinterest Profile for SEO

Where to Add Keywords on Pinterest and the one place you might be forgetting

Where to Add Keywords in Pinterest - The One Place You Might Be Forgetting

Adding keywords to your Pinterest Profile is one of the most important things you can do for Pinterest success. Pinterest is a giant visual search engine, after all. Learn everything you need to know below!


Just as with Google, when we type a search term or key phrase into the Pinterest search bar it brings up relevant results. Our job is to make our content, products and services come up in these searches so our ideal customers find them and buy🎉🙌

What You Need To Know

First you’re going to want to do keyword research. Find out what pinners are searching for on the platform in relation to your niche. Travel blogger who backpacked Asia? Type “Vietnam Travel” into the search bar and use those keywords. Social Media Manager looking to promote your services? Type “Instagram” into the search bar and you’ll get what you need. 

Keywords on Pinterest
Keywords on Pinterest

Where To Place Your Keywords

To come up in the searches and for Pinterest to know what your content is all about (and who to show it to). You’re going to want to place these keywords throughout your profile. 

  1. Add them to your Profile Name: Not sure how to move past the 30 character limit and get long, keyword rich profile names you keep seeing? Check out this post for getting up to 65 characters for your business profile name.

  2. Create Your Board Titles: You’ll want your board titles to match your keywords. Titling a board “eat” or “play” or any on brand word is not going to get you anywhere because no one searches for these terms on Pinterest. Spoiler Alert: Most users never actually come to your profile! They simply find your content through searching for individual pins or seeing your pin in their feed.

  3. Write Keyword Rich Board Descriptions: Add your researched keywords relevant to the board title into your board description. Use full sentences, add your business name (so it also becomes searchable) and keyword hashtags that you couldn’t fit into the sentence. 

  4. Use the Same Process As Above for Your Pin Descriptions: Each of your original pin designs need to include keyword rich descriptions relevant to the content just as we’ve done for board descriptions. 

The One Place You Might Be Forgetting Your Keywords

What you name your images also affects your SEO, not only on Pinterest but on your website and Google. If you’ve designed an image in Canva or simply want to upload a product image make sure it’s named appropriately - IMG02.jpg is not going to help you here 🙈

Adding keywords to your profile not only makes you searchable on Pinterest, it also helps you improve your Google SEO. Ever Google searched something and had one of the first results come up be a Pinterest Board? Pinterest is a mighty powerful SEO booster💪

Are you adding keywords in all the right places? Have a Pinterest related question? Drop it into the comments below and get your answers from an expert! 

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