How to Create a Mood Board for your Brand using Pinterest

How to create a mood board using Pinterest

Want to build a business brand that attracts the clients you dream of, or perhaps you’re looking to rebrand completely?

Mood Boards are a great way to start! They tell a visual story of how you want your brand and business to look and feel. Mood boards are more than just pretty pictures - they really incapsulate what your brand is all about: think words, fonts, images, colours, textures. Moreover, mood boards are super fun and creative!

When I first began building my brand I turned to my trusty visual friend, Pinterest. Here’s an easy step by step process for using Pinterest to develop your brand and create a mood board.

Create a Board + Get Pinning!

This might be a general board at first if you have no idea where your brand colours or feel is going and in the beginning it’s totally okay to pin anything and everything that gets your attention. Searching for terms like: branding ideas, mood boards, colour palettes and brand inspiration are good places to start!

Note: It’s totally okay to pin random images that stand out to you, too. Like a picture of a particular flower? The colours of a home decor shot appeal to you? Pin them!

Decide on a general theme

You might start to see yourself leaning towards a particular theme or style. See lots of minimalist black and white images? Or noticing your pins have bright colours? Pick one style and find more complimentary images! Choose textures, photos, illustrations, home office spaces and textiles that compliment your brand. Here are some of my Pinterest brand boards, can you guess which one was used for Haskin Creatives? 😆

Choose up to some images

If you want to take it one step further - create your own mood board collage in Canva (it’s free and easy to use). For this project, its okay to use these directly from Pinterest because we won’t be sharing this with anyone else. Mood boards are for YOU to get clarity on your brand and find some inspiration.

Here's one I created for myself - super fun!

Haskin Creatives Mood Board

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