Do I Need to Outsource Help for my Business? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do I need to Outsource help for my business? How to know when it's time.

Not sure when it's time to start delegating tasks in your business to others? 

And why would you even want too? You know your business and you want full control over how the brand you've taken time and dedication to build is represented, right?

The thing is, hiring other professionals to help you with things you don't really need to be spending time on can actually HELP you.

You'll have more time for what's important and the right amount of attention can be focused on everything else in your business that you actually like doing! 

If you're already seeing results in your business, you've got a good amount of clients and your products are selling. You're in a position where you're comfortable with your earnings but definitely think you're ready for more growth - it's definitely a sign to start thinking of who you'd like to hire to help you.

You didn't start this business to be working 40 hour weeks, did you?😉

Here are some of the signs that it's probably time to start hiring others to help scale your business: 

All you have time for is your business

Have a good look at your life and remember to why you started this business. Sure, you wanted to make money and that's totally okay - but why did you want money? What did the financial freedom give you access to? Are you actually doing those things, reaping the benefits? 

If you're working 40 hour work weeks and barely have time for self-care, your family, your friends because you're always giving energy to your business it's definitely time to start thinking of what you can outsource.

You'll be more balanced and at the top of your game for what's important in life (and for your business!).

You spend hours on monotonous tasks

Spend half a day scheduling your content to Pinterest when you could be creating an awesome freebie or paid offer instead?

Can't figure out how to work your website layout and you spend days researching and creating it - only to give up, hating it, and start all over again? 

If you find yourself redoing work or spending large amounts of time trying to figure out how seemingly simple things work, perhaps it's best to get professional help from an expert in the field. 

You can't keep up with your all your social media platforms

You're creating content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest while handling existing clients, customers, emails, your website and not to mention all of your offers and products. Girl, you are killing multi-tasking right here!

But seriously, do you need to be doing all of these yourself? 

Think of which of these you enjoy doing, which of these require your voice and do those. As for the rest, hire a social media manager to schedule your posts or a virtual assistant to answer your emails. How about a web designer to manage your website? 

You'll not only learn heaps from the experts themselves, but you'll also spend way less time trying to figure all of these things out. 

You want to scale your business and reach for the stars ✨

Okay, that sounded a bit cliché.

So you've got good momentum in your business but aren't sure what's next or how to make it happen. Investing in a business or mindset coach could really help focus your vision! 

Coaches work wonders for aligning you with your business and for motivating you while holding you accountable. 

Honestly, you clicking on this post to read it is a good sign that you probably need help with your business. There's something inside you that just knows you should be delegating. I totally get that it can be scary to hand over your precious business baby to someone you hardly know. My advice? Find someone you connect with - their brand, their message, their work - and take a chance. 

Thinking of delegating your Pinterest presence?  

If Pinterest is something you'd rather hand over to a professional, I’d love to share my insight as a professional Pinterest Manager - contact me here. I'd love to hear from you! 

Hello, I'm Megan! As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Educator, connecting ideal clients with online businesses and blogs is my JAM. Sometimes I even get to put my former teaching skills to use by teaching you a thing or two about Pinterest Marketing DIY. 

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