How To Use Video Pins to Grow Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

How To Use Video Pins on Pinterest for your Business

Is video currently a part of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy for your business?

Video Pins have actually been around for a few months already but I hadn’t incorporated them into my marketing strategy until I realized they were showing up FIRST in searches on the Pinterest mobile app🙀


What’s the Big Deal? 

Out of the 200 million Pinterest users, most of them access the Pinterest platform through the mobile app. This means when they are searching for products, services and content video pins are going to be the first to show up. 

What’s even more exciting about this is not many businesses have started uploading their video content to Pinterest yet! 🤭

This means that you could upload video content with keyword rich descriptions to target the right searches - and you could rank first or second in your industry! This massive opportunity is available even to us small businesses owners right now. 

How to Incorporate Video into my Strategy

Before you get too excited - so far from what I can tell, video pins are currently only available to US Pinterest users for early access. But it should become available to all countries very soon!

Ideally we want pinners to click-through to our website, YouTube channel, Instagram or whatever platform you’re using to make the money. Uploading an entire 15 minute video onto Pinterest with all of your content just means the viewer will simply watch it on Pinterest and move on - not what we want. 

By cutting the video to show just a short preview of less than 2 minutes, you spark just enough interest to make them click. Once they are on the next platform of choice or your website, you’re then able to convert them to a subscriber, follower, email opt-in or sell 🎉

Repurposing your YouTube video, Instagram stories or simply creating animated text videos for Pinterest is a great place to start. 

Another important step for video pins (as with all pins) is to ensure you have a keyword rich description. Use the search bar to search trending keywords for your industry and incorporate them into your description to target the searches and your ideal customers and clients. It’s so simple! 

I’ve been experimenting with video pins for two weeks now and have been seeing some exciting results already. My clients currently rank first or second in the keyword searches and I’m finding these pins are getting views and clicks, overtaking the other image pins🙌💃 

I am SO excited about this new feature and can’t wait to see more video content from you, too. Is video currently part of your marketing strategy? 

Are you investing in your business in 2019?

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