How To Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2019

Improve your Pinterest Marketing Plan for 2019 with these 5 Tips

Ready to take your Pinterest Marketing plan to the next level for 2019?

Pinterest is going public in 2019 and while I don’t know much about the stock market, I definitely know this is a big deal - and that Pinterest is going BIG this year. You’ll definitely be wanting to be use this platform to your advantage.

Here’s my top tips to get a strong Pinterest presence in 2019🥂


Revamp Your Pins

Which of your content did really well in 2018? What do you hope would have done better? Creating new pin images with a different title is a proven strategy to drive more click-throughs to your website. Maybe all you need is a different approach or a brighter, more inviting image.

Don’t just do this at the beginning of the year! I constantly create new images for my clients and its so surprisingly how a few will flop but one will drive tons of traffic 🙌

Create Some New Boards

Want to grow your audience and increase your reach? Think about what else you can add to your current profile, what else your ideal clients and customers interested in. Perhaps it’s even a personal board like easy recipes because you know your target market is busy moms (don’t go too crazy on the personal boards though). 

You never know how a potential client or purchaser might come across your content so lets increase those chances. 

Use the Pinterest 100 Trends to your Advantage

Every year Pinterest releases a list of their most trending searches for the new year - and for each niche! Have you checked out which keywords and topics are trending in yours? You can find the list here

Add these trends as new boards, create content around them or repin other content so you’re targeting these searches. 

Make Sure Your Profile is Targeting your Audience

If someone came to your profile and looked through all of your boards, would they know exactly what your business is about? I see this so often when I’m auditing and cleaning up accounts - a ton of random boards! 

While a few personal niche boards are okay, you definitely don’t want to be having too large of a variety. You’ll be spreading yourself too thin and Pinterest won’t understand how to market your content. 

If you’ve got fashion, wedding, food, DIY and Home Decor boards all in one business profile its too much. The Wedding niche needs tons of wedding based boards, the fashion niche needs beauty, make up and fashion boards. Stick to your industry. 

Use Hashtags - #THERIGHTWAY

Hashtags are now BIG on Pinterest. You’ll want to use them differently to how many Social Media Gurus talk about using hashtags on Instagram. 

When your business has a certain niche and target market you’ll do your keyword research in the search bar of Pinterest. You’ll then develop a list of keywords that you know your audience is looking up in relation to your biz. When writing your keyword rich board and pin descriptions, you’ll find you can’t fit ALL of the keywords in to a well-thought sentence so simply add them as a hashtag at the end of your description. 

Note: On Instagram we often want to be targeting lower ranking hashtags or ones that have been used less so our content stands out. On Pinterest you want to use a certain keyword (that targets your clients) throughout your profile as much as you can so Pinterest knows this is what you’re about and shows your content to the appropriate users. 

Are you investing in your business in 2019?

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