The Best Way To Be Marketing Services and Products on Pinterest Right Now

Increase your Pinterest Traffic with this number one tip

Wanting to take your Pinterest Strategy and your website traffic to the next level?

Perhaps you’re already getting a decent amount of click-throughs from Pinterest or perhaps your strategy just isn’t working🤭 This is the number one thing we should all be doing to get those website conversion numbers up. 


From Tailwind and Pinterest themselves, this is the latest news.

The number one thing you should be doing to improve your Pinterest Strategy in 2019 is creating new content.

Pinterest values original content and when you as the content creator shares something new from your website, Pinterest is more likely to give it an extra boost. 

New Content refers to:

➡️New links to products and blog posts

➡️New pins and images

➡️New descriptions and keywords

This is why creating blog content for your website is so valuable. Not only does it create a new link, I’ve noticed that it heavily impacts your Pinterest conversions. 

Blogging provides free, valuable information that allows your cold Pinterest traffic to warm up - it gets the user to know, like and trust you. And I don’t know about you, but I’m more likely to purchase from someone I know, like and trust🙌 

I’d suggest creating a new blog post every second week or adding a new range of products with new links to your site. 

If you’re out of content ideas, why not create a new image for an old blog post or product? Remember that pins last for years on the platform and can continue to get traffic month after month. The trick is you never know which one is going to take off. Perhaps a new, fresh design goes viral? 

I’d caution against creating too many new images for the same link time and time again. Why? Pinterest values NEW content. By simply linking to the same URL too often you might be flagged for spam. 

Make sure each image and description is keyword rich but avoid using the same one twice. You’ll want new titles and images, and new descriptions for each of your pins. This will definitely help build the keywords of your profile and get targeted user to your content. 

And there you have it! Investing in creating some quality content is going to be so worth it in the long run for your Pinterest strategy and driving mass amounts of traffic to your site. 

If you’d like to read Tailwinds full article, you can access it here:

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