How To Create Click-Worthy Pin Designs

How To Create Click-Worthy Pin Designs

Are you pin designs just not where you’d like them to be? Or perhaps they just aren’t getting the clicks you’d like? 

Here are three tips for instantly better pin designs that you can implement today. Want access to all 12 tips? Access the video training here!


I look back on my first pin designs now and cringe, but I’ve come along way. Not only do my clients fall in love with my pin designs that I create for their brands - these pins actually get click-throughs and drive traffic. 

Here’s Three Must-Do Tips👇

Use the Right Pin Dimensions

This sounds like a no-brainer but Pinterest has clearly stated that optimal pin dimensions are 600x900px. Square images and slightly longer images can work but be careful of making them too long, as they could get cropped in the grid.

High Quality Imagery

Also, pretty obvious but I still see so many businesses using the wrong type of images. Bright, light and modern is what we’re aiming for. If you’re not a photographer and are against stealing other images (I know you’re no thief😉), using a site like Unsplash or Creative Market is your best bet.  

Click-Worthy Titles

While your text overlay should match your content, it doesn’t have to be identical. When you’re designing pins you can create multiple titles for the same piece of content. Phrases like “How To” or “5 Tips for …” are highly clickable terms. You want to be solving problems for your readers and customers so use your title to tell them how. And yes, you should be adding text overlay to your pins. 

My first designs were terrible but I had to start somewhere, and this meant things could only get better from there! All you’ve got to do is keep creating - and take my tips into account! 

I’d love so much to see what you get creating🎉 Send over your designs to for some cheering on!

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