5 Steps to Become a Pinterest Manager

5 Steps to Become a Successful Pinterest Manager who earns a full-time income

Exploring remote work opportunities that allow you to work from home and start your own business? Today I’m sharing the exact steps you need to follow to become a successful Pinterest Manager just like me! 

Step #1:

Learn everything you can about Pinterest and Tailwind

It sounds like a big task but Pinterest is simple! You can explore the platform yourself, watch YouTube videos and read informative blog posts. There is tons of valuable free information out there and you can definitely teach yourself if you’re motivated enough. 

Tailwind is the scheduling tool you’ll be using so you can pre-schedule all of your client’s pins. Tailwind itself comes with training videos once you sign up! 

If you’re like me and want more structure to get all of the important information in fast - an online course is definitely the way to go. I chose to enroll in the Become a Pinterest VA Today course that taught me everything I know about Pinterest Marketing as a pro. You can find a detailed review of the course here

You’ll also want to learn how to design click-worthy pins. I personally use Canva to design my client pins and this is definitely one of my favorite services to offer!

Step #2:

Practice your new skills

Once you’ve learned what you can about Pinterest and Tailwind you’re going to need to test your skills and start collecting data to prove yourself to potential clients. Clients want results, right? 

You can start will your own account (great to start building up because potential clients will definitely check out your business account to see what you can do!) and even take on a free trial client to see what it’s like to work with someone else without any pressure. 

When I started my business I practiced on a friend’s business account and collected data for a case study to show future clients. It also built my confidence and I learned so much for when I started working with my real clients. I highly recommend trialing a client for a month before you begin charging for your services. 

Step #3:

Create a Brand for Your Biz

While you can technically start your business and begin earning before doing this, a brand and website is going to take you a long way when you start reaching out to potential clients. 

A professional-looking website that represents YOU aka your brand will show potential clients that you’re the real deal. Before I hire anyone I also check out their website and social media platforms to see what they’re all about before investing. 

You website and brand doesn’t have to be perfect in the beginning and don’t let it take up too much time in the beginning. Create something simple and adjust it over time. 

Step #4:

Go Get Some Clients

Sounds easy, right? This is what most Pinterest VA’s and online business owners struggle with the most.

If you’re not sure how to get clients here are some suggestions:

  • Reach out to friends and family telling them about your new career path

  • Cold Email potential clients that you think would be a great fit

  • Connect with other business owners in Facebook Groups - cold pitching here hasn’t worked here for me in the past. Providing value and offering lots of advice is the way to go! 

  • Engage with your Instagram Community. Show up on Instagram Stories and voice DM potential clients adding value and be authentic. 

  • Blog every week about Pinterest and this way of marketing. This has been my number one way of getting clients - I blog every week so my posts rank high on Google for Pinterest searches. I also market my own posts on Pinterest so I get extra traffic and potential clients sent to me this way. 

When you’re first starting out with your business it can be frustrating trying to land your first client when all you hear is crickets. The Become a Pinterest VA Today course helped me a ton with pitching templates and helpful tips, they even have a private Facebook group with clients leads every week (businesses actually looking to hire a Pinterest Manager from the course!). 

Keep a positive mindset during this time and I’d suggest spending at least 80% of your working time pitching clients, researching potential leads, etc. I noticed when I increased my email cold pitching to over 10 emails a day, I finally started getting replies. P.s. Do not send the same email to every lead🙈It is super obvious and off-putting. Take time to learn about the business and mention what you’ve learned in your email. 

Step #5:

Keep Learning!

Pinterest, social media and online business tactics are forever changing and updating. It’s your job to stay on top of everything and keep learning so you provide the best results for your clients. Keep your existing clients happy with great results and customer service that they love, and you’ll never have a shortage of customers! 

Interested in becoming a Pinterest Manager but still have questions? Drop them below and I’ll answer them for you! 

Hello, I'm Megan! As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Educator, connecting ideal clients with online businesses and blogs is my JAM. Sometimes I even get to put my former teaching skills to use by teaching you a thing or two about Pinterest Marketing DIY. 

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