How I Became a Pinterest Manager (and Earned within a Month)

How I became a Pinterest Manager and earned within a month!

Is this the first time hearing people will actually PAY you to be on Pinterest all day - something you already do?

Honestly, this sounded to good to be true at first for me too.

I had been researching for months about how to become a digital nomad - something I was determined to do and I kept coming up short. I had tried everything you see in all of the blog posts out there, from becoming a transcriber or an Amazon Affiliate for your blog to an Online English Teacher. Nothing worked or it didn't give me the independence I craved. 

I really couldn't for the life of me understand how there were so many advocating for beginning life location independent, and how I couldn't make it work. Through my mounds of research and YouTube video binge-watching, I heard about marketing your blog on Pinterest.

At the time I had a travel blog and thought it could be fun to apply it, see if I could make it work. This video here is basically the one that changed my life! 

At the time I honestly had no intention of actually turning it into a career - I mean, you don't think it can be that simple, right?

I started pinning manually and the results were amazing! I saw such growth and because I was spending so much time on Pinterest I naturally became aware of how so many blogs and businesses were using the platform for marketing too.

Insert light-bulb moment 💡

How I became a Pinterest Manager

I already had learned so much about Pinterest Marketing and knew all of the ins and outs - you can find all of this information for free! There are even tons of information I share on this very blog, you can find it here

Figuring out how to find clients and what I needed to do to attract clients and actually get paid was a whole other story - one that, quite honestly, really intimidated me. I knew I wanted this to succeed and I wanted to do it properly. 

So, I purchased my first ever online course: How to Become a Pinterest VA Today. I was so skeptical at first about buying it. I knew a lot about Pinterest already and didn't need a course that would teach me what I already knew.

After reading A LOT of reviews I couldn't ignore the awesome (and fast) results so many others were seeing with creating a Pinterest Marketing business after completing this course, so I did it. And I can truthfully say, it is worth every penny. 

Here's what I personally learned from the course:  
- Which services I could offer as a Pinterest Manager
- How to package my pricing
- How to cold-pitch clients (email templates included)
- How to set realistic goals and what I could expect to earn over the months
- Guidance through the process of onboarding clients
- How to write an effective case study - super important for converting readers to clients
- That I didn't need all of the things to begin! 
- There is also detailed tutorials of how to use Pinterest, Tailwind and Canva for pin design

The most important thing this course gave me was the confidence I needed to begin my Pinterest Management business. After reading and watching the video testimonials of so many amazing women who were seeing results after taking this course, I knew it could be done! 

I planned to make my way through the course within a month, I began implementing the course systems and designing my website. I put a lot of effort into my brand, and building a business that was authentically me. I also honed in on who my ideal client would be.

I contacted a friend and started experimenting with her Pinterest account as practice and to gain data for a case study. I began blogging and started seeing significant traffic - through marketing it on Pinterest 😉

If you're a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you need to be using Pinterest yourself for your own content! Your clients will go to your Pinterest profile and it should be a good reflection of your work. 

Before the end of the month, I had my first client contact me through my website wanting to book me, no questions asked! They had simply found my content and really connected with my brand and message so they wanted to hire me. Just. Like. That. 

And she was 100% my ideal client. I was honestly so dumbfounded (and over the freaking moon of course!) that it had actually worked! I have been gaining clients consistently since and was able to quit my job two months in 🎉

I absolutely LOVE being a Pinterest Manager and having my own business that allows me to travel full-time and work on my own schedule - and I really want that for you, too! There is absolutely need to be stuck in a soul-sucking 9-5 day job.

If becoming a Pinterest VA and owning your own Pinterest business is something that resonates with you, find the course I took below: 

Ready to Become a Pinterest Manager but have questions?

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Hello, I'm Megan! As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Educator, connecting ideal clients with online businesses and blogs is my JAM. Sometimes I even get to put my former teaching skills to use by teaching you a thing or two about Pinterest Marketing DIY. 

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