6 Skills for Becoming a Successful Pinterest Manager

Who Would Make a Successful Pinterest VA or Manager

Thinking of Becoming a Pinterest Manager but Not Sure If It’s For You?

These days working from home, starting your own business and getting to “play” on Pinterest all day is all the rage. Who wouldn’t want to become a Pinterest Manager? 


I absolutely love my business and am so proud of how quickly Haskin Creatives has grown and how quickly I’ve been able to land clients. But I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that they can easily have this.

I am often to blame for making Pinterest Management come across as the simpliest and most fun job on the planet - it honestly is to me! I have a set of skills and experiences that have made it that all aspects of Pinterest and business come naturally and I can definitely see how that might not be true for others.

I’ve outlined below the skills you’ll need to become a successful Pinterest VA or Manager👇

A Positive Mindset 

One of the most important aspects to the success of my business is the mindset work I do every day. When I first started I’d wake up every morning and repeat “I am a successful Pinterest Manager and I have xyz amount of amazing clients”. It sounds silly, but three months later I’d reached my goal.

If you believe you can’t be successful or land a client, this is what will be true in your reality. I still feel that this is the most important aspect of my business and why I continue to have clients reach out to me every month. 

Technologically Savvy 

Pinterest is only one aspect of your business. You’re going to need to build a brand for yourself, a website, manage an Instagram or Facebook profile - you’re basically going to be around technology the whole day. 

Now I’m not saying you need to know how to code or know what a brand’s mission is from the get-go. I sure didn’t (and still don’t know how to code😝). But you will need to get comfortable with using multiple platforms for your business to grow and you sure can’t be afraid of it. 

An Eye For Design

Pinterest is a visual platform and many Pinterest Managers offer pin design in their packages. This means working with images, fonts, colors and designing your clients pins. You’ll be representing their business brand and will need to have some idea of how to do this by designing click-worthy images that perform. 

You don’t have to offer pin design but it is helpful to know some design principals as you’ll be repinning content that is still visually appealing. 

Independent Learner

There are things your course or program won’t teach you. You’ll need to learn how to write blog posts, set up email opt-ins, use Instagram stories, manage your finances, the list goes on. 

Technology and Pinterest is forever changing. I’m constantly reading and learning to improve my business and the work I deliver for my clients. You have to have that drive that makes you want more and to deliver the best results. 

A Good Communicator 

Businesses and Brands want to work with people. You’ll have to call your clients and develop trust and liking before anyone will buy from you. 

There will be problems, technical difficulties, times where an account doesn’t perform as well, and you’ll need to break the news to your client. 

I worked in education before this and had to constantly talk to parents about their most prized possessions - their children - so this is a breeze for me😝

Have Thick Skin

You’re going to have to reach out to people, cold pitch and prove yourself to clients. It’s normal in any business to hear no’s - No, I can’t afford you; No, I don’t need your services; No, it’s not the right time. It’s all part of the game. 

When you’re working with people, your clients won’t always be happy and you’re going to have to solve problems and have others ghost on you. And know it’s not the end of the world. 

This doesn’t happen too often if you do the mindset work I talked about earlier😉

Ready to Start Your Pinterest Management Business?

Here’s the course I took that taught me everything I needed to know about Pinterest Marketing for business. You can also find my story and how I began Pinterest Management here. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions - I love connecting with fellow biz babes!

Hello, I'm Megan! As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and Educator, connecting ideal clients with online businesses and blogs is my JAM. Sometimes I even get to put my former teaching skills to use by teaching you a thing or two about Pinterest Marketing DIY. 

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