How I got to 100,000 monthly viewers in just 2 months!

How To Get 100k Monthly Viewers on Pinterest in just 2 months!

Still looking for the hidden secret to unlocking those big numbers for your Pinterest business profile? 

Find out how I went from 0 to 100k monthly viewers in just 2 months - and how you can, too! Follow these tips and you're bound to be successful.

What are 'monthly viewers' anyway?

When you post or repin an image on Pinterest and it shows up on someones feed, or in a search they've typed in, Pinterest calculates it as a view. This means that if someone scrolls past a pin you've posted or repinned without even actually seeing it, Pinterest still uses it towards this number. 

You can see how this number doesn't directly translate to click-throughs to a website or blog, and how although you might feel like you need to have a big monthly viewer number it won't necessarily mean you'll get mass traffic to your site along with it. You're totally able to achieve this and even greater monthly viewers by only posting other peoples content and technically won't get a single click to your website this way, just FYI ✌️

July monthly viewers
August monthly viewers

This number does, however, mean that if you were to post your own content to Pinterest there is a greater chance of someone seeing and clicking on it. So there is some method to this madness after all. Here's my process to increasing monthly viewers: 

Take time to think of your ideal viewer

When you think of your website or blog, who are your viewers? What are they interested in? You really don't have to overcomplicate this at all. Think about the content you create and add boards so that they cover these areas. You'll want quite a few boards to start, I'd say 20 or more. 

Fill up your boards

A ton of pins means there is more chance of someone stumbling across what you're posting. Granted, this means that if you don't have a ton of your own content your viewers might be clicking to other websites but you are likely to gain a follower who will see your content when it gets posted. 

Use Tailwind

I can't stress this enough. Tailwind Tribes is a game-changer and allows you to drastically increase your reach while getting your own content reshared by others in your niche. You also get to make sure you're pinning content throughout the day 24/7, which is a must-do for increasing your presence on the platform. You need to be pinning every single day. 

Solve problems

When you're creating content for your blog or website, think about the problems your viewers and readers have. I personally love to create content related to what I've learned during the week, or what I've been searching for because no doubt there are others wanting to know the same thing! Pins and content that does well on Pinterest usually uses the phrase "how to" or "how I" or "what you need to". People want to answers on Pinterest so create content that helps your viewers! 

And there you have it! In short, consistency is KEY. Pin every day, create problem solving content and watch your Pinterest presence grow. 

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