Is Tailwind Plus enough to grow your Pinterest account?

Why you don't need Tailwind Powerups to see results using Tailwind Tribes

Wondering if you should Powerup and increase your reach within Tailwind Tribes?

You might have started using the free trial version or perhaps you're getting amazing reshares and the results are starting to show, so you want to increase your reach even more. Sound like you? 

Read on to find out why I choose to only use the Tailwind Plus package and why I don't think more than 5 Tribes or 30 monthly submissions is necessary (or recommended):

1. You want to be sharing your own content

Did you know that Pinterest favours content that is uploaded or pinned by the content creator? These are the pins Pinterest wants to see and Pinterest likes promoting these so this is what you're wanting to post. Obviously, your own content is what gets people to your website so this is where your focus should lie. 

The thing is: in order to place your content into a Tribe you first need to share other pins not linking back to your site. I'm all for community and supporting one another, but let's face it - if you're aiming to join more than 5 Tribes (or submitting more than 30 pins a month) you're going to be needing to share a lot of other content. 

Verdict: If you have a ton (and I mean A LOT) of your own content to share then it could be useful to PowerUp. You'll be sharing so much of your own pins that the resharing of other content from your Tribes won't make a difference. 

2. But I want more reshares 

You need to choose your Tribes very carefully. There is a huge difference between the Tribes out there and joining a Tribe (or 10 or 20) does not instantly mean your content is going to get reshared. Experiment with your content in a particular Tribe and if you don't see results, then leave and try a different one. 

I always aim to get into 5 high-performing Tribes and have seen results far greater than joining 10 lower performing Tribes with less activity. 

3. Don't add all of your content to Tribes

Treat Tribes as a booster. You don't need to add all of your pins to Tribes and you don't want to be spamming your Tribemates either. Most Tribes have rules which limit your pins to 3 a day anyway. Space your pins out over the 30 submission limit. 

Insider Tip: I've noticed that my Tribes are most active at the beginning of the week so I like to add content to Tribes on Sundays and find I get the most reshares during this time. 

4. Create your own Tribe

Finding a community or Tribe lacking in an area you'd like to grow? Create your own Tribe! It may take a while to get contributors but these don't count towards the 5 Tribe limit and you get to manage their success by creating the rules. Facebook Groups and Pinterest itself are great places to find contributors in your niche who may want to contribute to your Tribe. 

Had any experience using Tailwind Tribes? I'd love to hear your verdict on PowerUps versus Plus and if you've had any success with it - let us know in the comments 👇

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