Your Pinterest Analytics Explained

Your Pinterest Analytics Explained

Are you struggling to find out what all of the numbers mean on Pinterest? 

Not sure what your should be looking for in your Pinterest Analytics? This post is for you! 

Let's start with the basics. When a viewer comes to your profile they will be able to see two numbers - your Monthly Viewers and your Followers. 

Monthly Viewers

This is the number of people who will see your pin floating around Pinterest on their home feed, in a search they've done on Pinterest or because they are looking at your profile. It's important to understand that just because it's showing on someones feed or search, it doesn't mean the viewer will be interested enough to click to your site or even take a time to notice it before scrolling past. You can see how this number isn't really that important. 

I've seen tons of people stressing about this number, desperately wanting to get it to the millions but the truth is that just because someone has a 3 million monthly viewer count doesn't necessarily mean they have millions of clicks to their website. Besides, you can get this number to the millions without ever posting any content that links to a site that you own! 

There are, however, some benefits to having a large amount of monthly viewers. It means the content you're sharing (maybe through repins or through your original content) is reaching a large targeted audience. So if you had clickable titles, keyword rich descriptions and well-designed pins it's very likely that you can translate this reach into website clicks.

I also personally try to get this number up for potential followers who come to my Pinterest Profile. I'm more likely to turn a viewer into a follower if they see big numbers - sad, but true. 


What I love about Pinterest is that you could have a low amount of followers but still reach a large audience and get mass click-throughs to your site. So again, numbers aren't the goal here. 

Let's look at how a large number of followers could be beneficial: If your followers were genuinely interested in the content you create, they would very likely click through to your site to read more. Your original content is also shared with your followers first so a high number of followers means your content is bound to reach a larger audience. It's important to have the right audience if you're wanting to focus on getting click-throughs to your website and not just have a Pinterest profile that looks like you do, right? 

Let's look a little deeper into your Pinterest Analytics: 

These numbers are all rather vague and not necessarily an accurate representation of what is happening between your Pinterest account and your actual website. 

Your Pinterest Profile: Average Daily Impressions (referring to your actual Pinterest Profile) are much like the Monthly Viewers numbers (referring to your pins/images) where they only represent what a person on Pinterest might see on their feed, without actually clicking through to your site. 

The Activity on your website is also fairly vague and I would recommend using and trusting Google Analytics on your actual site for the most accurate information regarding click-throughs to your website. Google Analytics is what you should be focusing on 

Also, Pinterest is constantly changing their algorithms. This means that some days you mights see all of your analytics drop to zero for no apparent reason. This is totally normal and reflects changes from Pinterest's side. Nothing to worry about! 

Got any specific questions about Pinterest Analytics? Drop them into the comments below👇

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