How Pinterest got 8x More Blog Traffic than Instagram - in 1 Month!

How Pinterest got 8x More Blog Traffic than Instagram - A Case Study

On the fence about whether you should add yet another social media platform to your blog or business? 

If you're looking to get mass amounts of targeted viewers and potential customers to your site - then Pinterest is definitely the way to go!

I'm sure you must have heard whispers of using the platform for your business by now, but hey, I get it - you're skeptical. Most of my clients are at first. Let's get right into it and see how Pinterest got this client EIGHT times more blog traffic than her Instagram account in one month. 

The Client

A South African based baby carrier company who blogs and shares content related to motherhood, in addition to selling her sustainably made products was skeptical about Pinterest at first, especially because most of Pinterest's traffic comes from the USA. She already had a 12k Instagram following which generated quite a few purchases but not a lot of blog traffic. She also had a huge Facebook Group that acted as a community for mothers to connect. These platforms had taken years to build, which made the results even more surprising! 

This is where we were at when we started: 

What we did 

We created a new Pinterest Business Profile from scratch, created keyword optimised boards and descriptions, created some pins and then got pinning! You can read more on how to set up your Pinterest account here. Note: The first week was an account build and we only began marketing and adding content to Tribes from July 11th*

Tailwind Tribes also played a significant role in driving so much traffic to her site. This account was just starting out and didn't have much of a reach, but once we added the pins to Tribes her reach exploded.

What I love about Pinterest is how someone doesn't need to be your follower to see your content, you're able to reach people far and wide and the best part - it's a targeted audience meaning the people reach are very likely interested in your content! 

The results

Within the first month we saw a big increase in her reach on Pinterest itself. 

Pinterest Results

While this big number is impressive, what you really want to focus on is your website analytics: 

Pinterest results

We see a huge spike in her website traffic for the month of July. We stopped adding content to Tailwind for August and we noticed a drop in click-throughs despite her Pinterest account continuing to grow. 

Pinterest results
Pinterest results

The real surprise was how Pinterest completely overtook Instagram's click-throughs to the website. Facebook was still the lead generator, but I'm sure within 3 

months we would have achieved this and more! We were also pleased to see that most of our traffic was coming from South Africa. This was a concern in the beginning but by adding keywords and ensuring that our profile was set to, I feel that we were able to target the audience. 

The Verdict

Remember that everything is relative. Blog traffic is obviously not the focus of this product-based business and this was simply an experiment for the case study. If you already get a large amount of traffic to your site it may take some time for Pinterest to match it, if you're not getting any traffic to your site then Pinterest will definitely help you with this! 

Let me be clear, you may not see these exact results in the first month of implementing Pinterest Marketing for YOUR business. You might be in a different niche that has a slower growth rate (or a quicker growth rate) or you don't have a huge backlog of content to share - there are so many factors. You may have a pin that goes viral and gets your thousands of click-throughs in your first week!

 Pinterest, just like any other platform, takes time to show significant growth and I always tell me clients that in 3 months we see some good growth but the real magic happens within 6 months to a year. Just imagine what kind of blog traffic you'll be getting then! 

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