How to Book your Dream Clients

How to Book you Dream Clients

Want to know the secrets to booking easy-going, like-minded individuals that you instantly connect with and are a dream to work with?

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I've only ever booked amazing clients (shout out to my clients, I love ya!). Here's how: 

I knew who my ideal client was

Write it down! Write out what kind of people you want to attract because you're going to be spending a lot of time connecting with them: What kind of business are they involved in? What is their personality like? How do they treat you? How do they react to your pricing? On my website I use language that speaks to my dream clients, "hey do-gooder!" is something you'll find. 

I know this sounds super simple, but really, how are you going to spot an amazing client if you don't know what to look for? And more importantly, what NOT to look for. I am now able to spot client's that would not be a good fit for me and my business from a mile away, which leads me to my second tip ...

Say no to client's who are not a good fit

Yes, this is a tough one! Especially when money is tight or when you're just starting out. Even when I first began my business and got inquiries from potential clients who I knew wanted something I couldn't provide, I said no. When a client was focused on fast Pinterest growth and wanted to be messaging me daily for updates, I said no. 

Remember your "why" for beginning your business and be kind to yourself. Know your self-worth! I value my time and I want to be spending it working with people I connect with on a level that surpasses their Pinterest account. Maybe you have different goals, and that's okay - but know what they are and that it's more than okay when you say no to something that doesn't align. 

Let your brand speak to your ideal client

When one of my client's first reached out to me these were her exact words: "I found so many Pinterest Managers on Instagram but wanted to connect with you because I love your vibe and the tropical foliage's in your branding!".

My brand speaks to the client's I want to attract - it goes past the tropical details and gives off my natural, calm way of being. The language I use, the way I connect with people, and the things I share on social media is authentically me. I've found that every time I've been real, I've attracted the right kind of people.

There are tons of Pinterest Managers out there, why would anyone want to work with me? Because I'm ME and you're YOU, that's what makes us different and speaks to our ideal clients.

Provide Value

How are people going to know how awesome you are if they don't even know you exist? This is where you've got to actively put yourself out there in the right way. 

The wrong way - you're desperate for clients, you find a ton of Facebook Groups and post your services with a fat "buy me!" on each post. Please just don't. 

The right way - you create content for your website, blog, social media accounts that people need and actually want to use. Not sure what to write about? I think about what I've learned that week about Pinterest or even business, and use those as my blog post ideas. When I'm in Facebook Groups I answer questions, share what works for me (not only Pinterest related but in business and life). 

Cold pitch emailing didn't work for me. Asking someone flat out if they wanted my services didn't either because it's honestly not something authentic I'd do in life outside of business. I'm an easy-going, calm and soft-natured person and every time I showed up as this, I've gotten website form submissions and Facebook messages from potential clients wanting to work with me. You do you! 


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Wanting to book your dream clients but have little success?

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