What Does a Pinterest Manager Do?

6 Services you can offer as a Pinterest Manager

There are many tasks a Pinterest Manager or VA can offer and what I love about this remote work is the flexibility you have to choose which services you’d like to offer. Let’s get into what services you can offer with this work from anywhere career✨


Don’t feel comfortable designing pretty pins? No problem! Don’t offer it or simply hire out this service for your clients or purchase templates you can use. It’s that simple👏

Before we get into the day-to-day tasks of running a Pinterest Management business you’ll notice that I use the terms “Pinterest Manager” and “Pinterest VA” very loosely here. I use them interchangeably. 

If we’re technical about it all, a Pinterest VA is someone who is just beginning or chooses to offer basic services for the everyday running of a Pinterest account. A Pinterest Manager is more experienced and has worked with several clients and feels comfortable offering strategy advice. Many in the industry don’t use the terms correctly and you’re welcome to call yourself whatever you see fit! There are Pinterest VA’s with years of experience who simply like the terminology.

Clients are also unfamiliar with these terms and so it doesn’t impact your positioning, I just look at what the clients is searching and looking for to find someone to manage their Pinterest Strategy! 

In short, a Pinterest Manager helps businesses promote their content, products and services through the Pinterest platform. If you’re interested in starting in offering any of these services I highly recommend checking out the Become a Pinterest VA Today course that I took when first starting out.

Let’s look at what you can offer as a Pinterest Manager:

Setting up the account for Success

Doing Pinterest Audits, Set Ups and Cleans Up all fall under this category. This is an initial process to get the Pinterest account ready and full of the right keywords to target the right audience. 

This includes doing keywords research, creating boards, claiming a website and enabling rich pins. This is a once-off task.

Scheduling Content

Some may choose to do this manually but the preferred method is scheduling original content through Tailwind as well as repins. 

This process involves uploading original pin designs from the client, writing keyword rich descriptions and adding it to the schedule. You’ll also be finding other content on Pinterest to fill up the client’s schedule. This is usually part of a monthly management package. 

Designing Pins

Some Pinterest Managers choose to offer pin design as part of their packages or include it as a once-off bundle. You design click-worthy images that reflect the branding and target audience of your client’s business. This is one of my favorite tasks! 

Promoted Pins

Pinterest has officially gone public on the Stockmarket and the need for Promoted Pins is bigger than ever. This is a highly sought-after skill and requires you to set up and run campaigns for certain content, monitor the progress and adjust it. If you’re all about numbers, this is definitely a task you can cash in on. 

Blog Management 

Pinterest and Blogging go hand-in-hand but many business owners don’t have time to repurpose their existing content or create posts that drive people to their site. Having a blog management add on to your Pinterest Management is an additional service you’re able to provide if you love all things branding and writing. 

Coaching and Training

Many businesses have realized the power of Pinterest but can’t afford to hire out management services month after month and would prefer to do it all DIY. Scheduling calls and providing 1:1 training allows them to get up to date with best Pinterest practice while paying a once-off fee. 

If you’re just starting out as a Pinterest VA or Manager don’t be overwhelmed with all of the options and certainly don’t feel like you need to do it all! Start off small with one or two services and find out what you client’s need from there. Find more useful Pinterest VA posts here.

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