Why You Should Claim Your Instagram and YouTube for Pinterest

Why Your Should Claim Your Instagram and YouTube accounts for Pinterest

Let’s Make Pinterest Work For IG + YT!

Today we’re diving into why you’d want to claim your Instagram and YouTube accounts on Pinterest and how to use this content effectively🙌


Pinterest is quickly gaining popularity for business owners and bloggers alike, driving mass traffic to their website unlike any other social media platform. We know by now Pinterest a huge driver for website traffic but what about Instagram and YouTube?

Claiming your website for Pinterest provides a range of benefits. You gain trust from your viewers when they see the “claimed” symbol on your Pinterest profile, Pinterest sees you as the real-deal, you gain access to tracking click-throughs and analytical data on Pinterest and you get access to the magical Rich Pins. 

Rich Pins are an important part of your Pinterest Marketing strategy because they pull metadata from your website and add a “follow” button to all of the content from you website. Having all of these features on your pins means a viewer is more likely to click, because your pin looks complete with lots of information. 

Similarly, when we claim our Instagram and YouTube accounts, we gain access to analytics and click-throughs from these pins as well🎉 

I’ve personally found that my Instagram images (without text overlay) are a pleasant addition to all of the worded content on my Pinterest feed and these images are actually getting click-throughs while the descriptions still provide helpful information about Pinterest Marketing and add to the keyword richness of my profile. 

This is true for your YouTube content, too. When pinning your YouTube videos to Pinterest they automatically play when users are scrolling past. This is huge because you already have an eye-catching, moving pin that stands out from the rest. Once your YouTube channel has been claimed you gets insight into how many impressions and views you’re getting, the average watch times as well as those important click-throughs. 

I was concerned at first that having the video on Pinterest would mean that viewers wouldn’t click-through to watch it on another platform but this is certainly not the case. My experiments have should that users still actively click-through, especially when you provide a call-to-action to do so in the description. 

Even if you’re not actively looking to promote your Instagram or YouTube content on Pinterest, claiming these accounts couldn’t hurt. Especially as we’re seeing more and more users repin and share content from these platforms, which is out of our control. 

How to Claim Your Socials 

➡️Make sure you’ve claimed your website and enabled rich pins. If you’d like to learn how to do this for a Squarespace Website, check out this post.
➡️Log into Pinterest
➡️Click to Settings and Claim
➡️Choose which social account you’d like to claim by clicking the red claim button
➡️It should bring up a pop-up to link your accounts🎉

Are you currently promoting your Instagram and YouTube content on Pinterest? Do you pin content from these platforms - I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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